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Florida Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Charlie Crist. (Source: CBS4)

Crist Launches “Kitchen Table” Tour

In the final days of the governor’s race, former Gov. Charlie Crist is launching a “kitchen table” tour.


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Not-So-Bright Future For Popular Scholarship Program

The future could possibly be a little dimmer for some of Florida’s upcoming high school seniors who plan to apply for the Bright Futures scholarship.



Bill Ties Bright Futures To Working In Florida

A House Republican filed a bill Wednesday that would require future recipients of Bright Futures scholarships to reimburse the state if they do not graduate or if they go to work outside of Florida.


Florida Lottery

Florida Lottery Marks Anniversary

It’s been 25 years since Florida voters first approved a lottery in the Sunshine State. Since that approval, Florida officials say the lottery has contributed $23 billion towards education through the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund.



Florida College Tuition On The Rise, Again

Students, get ready to shell out more for a college education in the state of Florida.



Legislature Cuts To Dim “Bright Futures” Luster

If your child was depending on a Bright Futures scholarship in the years ahead, you should be considering how you’re going to make up for the cuts approved in the Florida Legislature.



Legislature To Cut Bright Futures Scholarships

The future of Florida’s Bright Futures scholarship program doesn’t appear to be so bright.



State Considers Cuts To Popular Scholarship Program

In what may be an unpopular political move, the state legislature is considering a proposal to reduce a popular merit-based scholarship program.



Fla. Senate Proposes Ending Prepaid Tuition Program

If you haven’t signed your child up for the Florida prepaid tuition program, then you’re out of luck if the new Senate budget is adopted.



Bright Futures Eligibility May Toughen

The popular Bright Futures scholarship may become more difficult to obtain.



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