Brevard County

Lockdown Lifted After Threat At Florida Community CollegeA lockdown of a Florida community college has been lifted.
Court Allows Insurer To Pursue Claims Against DoctorsAn appeals court Friday ruled Allstate Insurance Co. and a customer can pursue claims against medical providers.
Supreme Court Cracks Down On Errant JudgesThe Florida Supreme Court is cracking down on errant judges, more than it has in the past.
Suspension Advised For Judge Accused Of Punching AttorneyA Florida judge, accused of punching an attorney, may soon be finding himself in the judicial penalty box.
Florida Legislators Stuff Budget With Millions For ProjectsFlorida Legislators are saying there is only so much money to go around and it's not enough when it comes to making a new state budget.
Hometown Projects Fill Out Legislative Budget PlansAs the House and Senate prepare to hammer out a $4.2 billion divide in budget proposals released last week, they have plenty of hometown pork to barter.
Supreme Court Decision Reopens Juvenile SentencesFlorida inmates serving life sentences for crimes they committed as juveniles should be resentenced under guidelines that went into effect last year, the Florida Supreme Court unanimously ruled Thursday.
State Regulators Back New Nursing HomesThe ban on adding new nursing-home beds is being lifted thanks to backing of state regulators. On Monday they approved the proposal for 2,600 beds in 25 counties.
Senate Could Consider Tougher Texting LawRight now you can’t be pulled over solely for texting while driving in Florida. But a Brevard County senator has filed a proposal Wednesday that would strengthen the law surrounding the controversial multitasking issue.
Hospital Loses Appeal In Contaminated Drug CaseA Brevard County hospital has had their request to dismiss a negligence lawsuit –involving a man who ended up a double amputee – denied by an appeals court on Friday.
Gardiner, Crisafulli Tout Parenting ProgramOn their first day on the job, House Speaker Steve Crisafulli and Senate President Andy Gardiner highlighted a parenting program they're pushing for.
Supreme Court Ponders Life Sentences For JuvenilesFlorida Supreme Court judges heard arguments on Thursday in the debate over sentencing juveniles who have been convicted of first-degree murder.
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