18-year-old Reggie Lamour can breathe on his own again thanks to a Diaphragm Pacing System (DPS). (CBS4)

Breathing New Life Into Catastrophic Injury

At just 18-years-old, Reggie Lamour’s whole life was in front of him. But one January day, his entire life changed when he broke his neck playing in a rugby game in Naples. In an instant, Lamour went from being an active, athletic young man to a lifetime of depending on a ventilator to help him breathe.


Extreme diving daredevils can hold their breath for up to 4 minutes at a time. (CBS4)

Diving Daredevils Plunge Deep For Thrills

Some of us can hold our breath for 45 seconds, maybe one minute. If we’re lucky. Can you imagine doing it for four minutes?



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