A pill to help with concussions is on the way.  (Source: CBS4)

The Concussion Pill Is Coming

Researchers trying to discover a cure for cancer, have instead, apparently found a pill that repairs brain damage from concussions. CBS4’S Rhiannon Ally reports on this timely discovery.



Health Dept. Warns Of Rare Waterborne “Brain-Eating” Bug

Florida’s health department has issued a warning about zombie bug that wants to eat your brains.


(Source: AP) A cross-section of a brain

Study Links Contact Sports And Brain Damage

Researchers at Boston University have found evidence that years of blows to the head in football and other sports leads to a distinct pattern of brain damage can eventually turn into dementia.

CBS Miami–12/03/2012


Something Extra: iCan’t Sleep

Are you having trouble going to sleep? You might want to turn off your iPads, laptops and smartphones well before you close your eyes.



South Florida Schools Focusing On Sports-Related Head Injuries

Sports-related concussions are on the rise nationwide, and some startling new numbers may have you re-thinking the decision to tell your injured child to “shake it off” and keep playing.


Brain trainers say using brain games and programs will increase your mental performance. (Source: CBS4)

Brain-Training Games Gain Popularity, Increases Brain Performance

It’s important to exercise our bodies, but what about our brains? Doctors say there’s science behind the brain train phenomenon, and working it out is becoming big business.