Oil Companies Along Gulf Coast Evacuate For Isaac

Ahead of Tropical Storm Isaac, the oil companies are already preparing.

CBS Miami–08/24/2012

Gulf Oil Spill Spreads, Damaging Economies, Nature, And Way Of Life

BP Oil Spill Two Years Later

On April 20, 2010, the U.S. faced the worst offshore spill in its history as oil from the BP offshore drilling site spewed onto the Gulf of Mexico.


(Source: AP)

Florida City Man Pleads Guilty To BP Claims Fraud

A Florida City man who filed for reimbursement from BP claiming last years oil spill in the Gulf cost his commercial fishing business more than $100,000 in business has pleaded guilty to wire fraud.


BP Gulf Oil Spill

Key Federal Report Assigns Blame In BP Gulf Oil Spill

A key federal report blames poor management, some major missteps and a faulty cement job by BP and others for the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history and the deaths of 11 rig workers.


BP Gulf Oil Spill

Feds: Fmr. Florida City Man Filed Fraudulent BP Oil Spill Claims

A 36-year-old former Florida City man filed a fraudulent claim in an attempt to collect $110,000 from BP after the massive oil spill.



What Recession? Miami-Dade Tourism Soars

In a down economy, tourism in Miami-Dade County bucked the odds in 2010 setting records in every area, according to figures released by the Greater Miami Convention and visitors Bureau.


Florida Gulf Safe 1

Consumer Confidence Low, But Tests Show Gulf Seafood Safe

Despite repeated studies showing no detectable effects from the BP oil spill, Florida seafood continues to get a black eye in the minds of Florida consumers, according to a poll released Tuesday by the Florida Department of Agriculture.



Fla. Drilling Ban Gets Mixed Reactions

Florida’s coastline will remain off limits to oil drilling for at least the next seven years. That’s the decision from the Obama Administration and it is an about face triggered by the BP oil spill.