Credit Card Skimmer Found Inside Gas Pump  (Source: Boynton Beach Police)

Credit Card Skimmer Found Inside Gas Pump

A state worker doing an inspection at a Boynton Beach gas station found a credit card skimmer inside one of the pumps.


Cutting Edge Commute (Source: CBS4)

Smartphones Play Role In Broward Traffic Light Timing

Did you know the smartphone in your purse or pocket is playing a major role in the timing of traffic lights in parts of Broward? As CBS4s Brian Andrews explains, your smartphone is giving off a signal that’s being used to study traffic patterns on what are called “arterials,” the roads that feed our major thoroughfares.


Possibly the "must-have" gadget for the 2013 holiday season. (Credit: Google via CNET)

Google Glass Confirmed For Release This Year

Regular people will be able to purchase Google Glass eyewear by the end of 2013 for less than $1,500, sources have confirmed to CNET.



Miami Cop Charged With Trying To Sell Hot Headsets

A Miami police officer is accused of trying to sell a shipment of ‘hot’ Bluetooth headsets.



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