FCC Proposes Ending Some Sports Blackouts For TVThe Federal Communications Commission has proposed ending federally enforced TV sports blackout rules, according to Bloomberg News. It’s a decision that could fundamentally alter how sports are distributed on TV.
Fins Owner Promises No TV Blackouts In 2013Miami Dolphins owner promised South Florida fans there would be no television blackouts this year and that he was preparing a better offer to refurbish Sun Life Stadium.
Esiason: Beyonce's Show Shorted Out Electricity Twice During RehearsalsCBS' Boomer Esiason was on the WFAN Monday morning and discussed the blackout during Super Bowl XLVII. Esiason said Beyonce's halftime show shorted out the electricity twice during rehearsals, but said he couldn't be sure that's what caused the outage.
Dolphins Game To Be Broadcast On CBS4The Miami Dolphins and New York Jets are bitter enemies and set to play this weekend at Sun Life Stadium and thanks to some last minute ticket sales, the game will be broadcast exclusively on CBS4 this Sunday.
Fins Expecting Smaller Crowds This SeasonThe Miami Dolphins teetered on the edge of not being able to be broadcast locally due to poor ticket sales several times last year. Local advertisers came to the Fins’ rescue, but a new NFL policy may help the Dolphins avoid a need for that in 2012.
Rubio Withdraws Support For Controversial Internet LawOn the same day that thousands of websites including Wikipedia and WordPress have gone dark to protest the Stop Online Privacy Act and Protect IP Act; Florida Senator Marco Rubio announced he was withdrawing his name and support for the bill.
Dolphins Game Against Texans Will Air On CBS4Miami Dolphins fans who can’t make it out to the game on Sunday can rest easy because the game has been declared a sell out and will air exclusively on CBS4.
Blackouts Coming For Florida NFL TeamsThe Sunshine State has long been a hotbed of football talent, but its professional teams are struggling to put fans in the stands for even regular season games.
Blackouts Could Be Common For FinsMonday night, the Dolphins announced the blackout of its final preseason game due to poor ticket sales. The game is usually one of the worst preseason games, so the blackout wasn’t a surprise, but it could be a sign of things to come.

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