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What’s Open/Closed On Columbus Day

A list of agencies that are open or closed on Columbus Day, Monday October 10, 2011


(Source: Joe Raedle/Getty Images) - Students in Florida will no longer to be able to dress like this in school under a new law passed by the Florida legislature, and being implemented now by school boards.

No Orange Hair, Short-Shorts For Lake County Kids

Florida schools have lots of problems. The state cut budgets to the bone, and local taxpayers are hard pressed to make up the difference. Teachers are being fired. Programs are being cut. And in Lake County, in the heart of the state, the response from the school board is to ban students from wearing orange hair, bangs, and make-up that hides their eyes.



I-Team: The Secret Truth About Foreclosures

Have you ever wondered why so few homeowners are getting their mortgages modified? The CBS4 I-Team uncovers the secret profits big banks are making on foreclosures.


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Florida Leads Nation In Bank Failures

Last year Florida led the nation in bank failures with 29 banks closing their doors. Georgia came in second with 21 failures; nationwide 157 banks closed their doors.



FDIC Closure Of Fla. Bank Marks 100th Failure

WASHINGTON (AP) – Bank closings for the year hit 100 on Friday when regulators shut down Partners Bank in Florida. Financial institutions nationwide have collapsed under the weight of soured real estate loans and the […]