Many Women Choosing To Be Older Moms

The trend of waiting to have children later in life is becoming more and more popular. Increasingly, women are wanting a career before they focus on a family. CBS4’s Cynthia Demos looks at the risks and benefits of being an older mom.


(Source: CBS4)

How To ‘Baby-Proof’ Your Marriage

Many parents-to-be are attending pre-baby counseling in an effort to baby proof their marriage.


Quints (top left to right) Ike, Jorge and Fabio were released from Holtz Children's Hospital on Tuesday,   Valentina (bottom left) and Enzo (bottom right) remain in the hospital's NICU.  (Source: Jackson Memorial Hospital)

It’s Homecoming Day For Quints Born At Jackson

It’s a big day for three of five quintuplets born at Jackson Memorial Hospital. On Tuesday, little Iker, Jorge and Fabio were released by doctors and allowed to go home.



Diaper Deals & Delivery Too

Diapers are a hefty expense for new parents. Now a company promises to help parents live the good life for less. Part of the pitch is convenience as well as savings.



Examining The “Hands Off” Approach To Parenting

Is the key to raising a self-confident child treating them like adults when they’re babies? There is a decades old parenting approach gaining momentum. It encourages children to be more independent and self confident.


CPSC Drop-Side Crib Danger

Drop-Side Cribs Banned

By a unanimous vote Wednesday in Washington, the CPSC enacted the toughest rules ever to ban so-called drop side cribs and make sure new models are a lot safer than the older ones.



Mt. Sinai Preemies Celebrate With Annual Party

Children of all ages who were premature at birth celebrated their life Friday at Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami Beach. The annual party celebrated children who defied the odds.