Astronomers Find Planets In Another Galaxy For The First TimeUsing a new method of stargazing, called gravitational microlensing, scientists were able to find as many as 2,000 distant worlds in a galaxy 3.8 billion light-years away.
Asteroid To Flyby Earth This WeekendGet ready for a celestial show this weekend, as a new asteroid is set to flyby Earth.
Venus & Jupiter Visible In Early Morning Sky Here’s another show for stargazers to check out. This time, it’s Venus and Jupiter that will be the brightest in the sky early Saturday and Sunday morning.
Astronomers Keep Eyes To The Sky At Fla. Keys Winter Star PartyHundreds of professional and amateur astronomers are aiming their telescopes on southern constellations, stars, planets and even the International Space Station in the lower Florida Keys.
Solar Storm Not Nearly As Bad As Could Have BeenOur high-tech world seems to have weathered a solar storm that was still showing signs of life late Thursday.
Massive Solar Storm Races Toward EarthA massive solar storm on the sun is about to have a major impact on earth. Radioactive particles from solar flares may soon start messing with everything from electricity to GPS systems. Fluctuations to some electrical power grids may also be experienced.

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