Asteroid Over Earth

Asteroid To Flyby Earth This Weekend

Get ready for a celestial show this weekend, as a new asteroid is set to flyby Earth.


2013 Astronaut candidates. (Source:

NASA Picks 8 New Astronauts, 4 Of Them Women

For the first time in four years, NASA has a new group of potential astronauts.

CBS Miami–06/17/2013

MIAMI (CBS4) - NASA images of Asteroid 1998 QE2. (Source: NASA)

Asteroid With Its Own Moon Passing By Earth Friday

NASA is preparing for a close encounter of the asteroid kind Friday afternoon when Asteroid 1998 QE2 drops by the earth.

CBS Miami–05/31/2013

Depiction of asteroid DA 14. (Source: NASA.Gov)

Asteroid Makes Closest Approach To Earth In Recorded History

It’s not going to hit us but a 150-foot-wide asteroid will come remarkably close to Earth Friday, even closer than high-flying communication and weather satellites. It will be the nearest known flyby for an object of this size in recorded history.


(Photo by NASA/JPL-Caltec via Getty Images)

Space Rock To Fly By Earth Thursday Night

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s actually a “potentially hazardous” asteroid the size of a city block.


Asteroid Over Earth

Forget 2012, 2040 May Be Armageddon

Many people believe December 21, 2012 will be the end of the world. But scientists are instead looking to the year 2040 as a potential “Armageddon.”


An image mosaic of the asteroid Eros, taken by the robotic NEAR Shoemaker space probe March 3, 2000. (Photo Courtesy of NASA/Newsmakers)

Grab Your Telescope: Eros Asteroid Nears Earth

Astronomy buffs might want to grab their telescopes and head outside Tuesday night to view a huge asteroid making a “close” approach to Earth.


(Source: NASA/Cornell/Arecibo) This radar image of asteroid 2005 YU55 was generated from data taken in April of 2010 by the Arecibo Radar Telescope in Puerto Rico.

Giant Asteroid Set To Make Harmless Fly-By Earth

NASA scientists are tracking an asteroid bigger than an aircraft carrier that will fly by between the Earth and moon Tuesday.


Asteroid Over Earth

Armageddon: Asteroid May Target Earth In 2036

If you had your money on 2012 being the end of the world, it may be closer to 2036 if the 99942 Apophis asteroid does in fact hit earth which Russian scientists now say is a possibility.