Aquatic Adventures

Aquatic Adventures Bimini’s Capt. Ansil Saunders

He’s considered by many the best bone fishing captain in the world. As the guide, Ansil Saunders holds the record for the catching world’s largest bonefish on rod and reel. But what Ansil is most […]

CBS Miami–03/11/2012

(Source: CBS4) A lionfish captured off the coast of Bimini.

The Lionfish: From Bait To Plate

In this week’s Aquatic Adventures, CBS4’s Jeff Berardelli goes on a lionfish hunt in Bimini where the invasive species is causing all kinds of problems.


Aquatic Adventures Wahoo Fishing!

Swimming at speeds of 60mph Wahoo have a reputation for screaming line off a reel at blazing speeds! In this week’s Aquatic Adventures we head back to Islamorada, the fishing capital of the world, for […]

CBS Miami–01/02/2012

(Source: CBS4) CBS4's Jeff Berardelli shows off his Wahoo catch.

Aquatic Adventures: Yahoo For Wahoo

In today’s Aquatic Adventure, CBS4’s Jeff Berardelli takes you to a special fishing spot in the Florida Keys where the Wahoo are biting thanks to a large piece of driftwood but they don’t give in without a fight.


Aquatic Adventures Island Dolphin Care Therapy

In this week’s Aquatic Adventures we take you to Island Dolphin Care in Key Largo. It’s a place where people with special needs get special therapy with the help of Dolphins. Watch it here… For […]

CBS Miami–12/11/2011

(Source: CBS4) A dolphin swims with a special needs child at Island Dolphin Care in Key Largo.

Aquatic Adventures: Dolphins Help Make Miracles Happen

In today’s Aquatic Adventure, CBS4’s Jeff Berardelli returns to Island Dolphin Care in Key Largo which helps people with special needs by pairing them with Dolphins for therapy.


Aquatic Adventures Art Basel at Stiltsville

In this week’s Aquatic Adventures we take you out to the famous Stiltsville for a preview of an Art exhibition. The artists name is Matt Stock. He is a photographer with a unique style called […]

CBS Miami–11/25/2011

Stiltsville Art Basel Aquatic Adventures

Aquatic Adventure: Art Basel On The Water

A local marine photographer with a unique vision will be having an art exhibition at Stiltsville next week. The exhibiton will help raise awareness and funds for the Stiltsville Trust and Shake-a-leg.


(CBS4) An alligator swims in the Everglades.

Aquatic Adventure: Amazing Everglades By Airboat

n this week’s edition of Aquatic Adventures, CBS4’s Jeff Beradelli takes you on an airboat ride in the Everglades.


Aquatic Adventures Tuna Fishing

In this week’s Aquatic Adventures we are in search of one of the tastiest fish in the sea – Tuna! The Florida Keys is one of the best places to target Blackfin Tuna. They are […]

CBS Miami–11/13/2011