Anthony Terry

Park ranger Anthony Terry (left) and Lt. Lisa Wood with the Miami-Dade Anti-Venom Unit talk about the rattlesnake that bit Terry. (Source: CBS4)

Everglades Ranger Bitten By Rattlesnake Speaks About Ordeal

Thanks to a rescue chopper and 28 vials of anti-venom pumped into his body, Everglades National Park ranger Anthony Terry is alive today.

CBS Miami–10/04/2013

Everglades National Park Service Ranger Anthony Terry was bitten in his left hand by an Eastern Diamondback rattle snake over the weekend.  (Source: Lt. Scott Mullin with Miami-Dade's Venom Response Team Office )

Everglades Ranger Recovering From Rattlesnake Bite

It was Miami-Dade Fire Rescue’s Venom Response Unit to the rescue after a park ranger was bitten by a deadly snake.