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Andy Gardiner

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House Speaker: “Lights Are Out” On Gambling

House Speaker Will Weatherford put a lid on any gambling legislation this session, including a proposal backed by the Senate’s first family that would require tracks to report greyhound injuries and deaths.


(MIKE CLARKE/AFP/Getty Images)

Lawmaker: Shift Florida Lottery Into Gaming Commission

As lawmakers look at overhauling the state’s gambling landscape, a new gaming commission could include a shift of management for the 25-year-old Florida Lottery.


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Gov. Rick Scott Signs Bill To Benefit Special Needs Students

A bill that will grant the parents of special needs students more say in their education has been signed and will take effect Monday.


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Some GOP Lawmakers Skeptical Of Gov. Scott’s Job Plan

Some Republican lawmakers have questioned Gov. Rick Scott’s jobs package.


Florida Legislature. (Source: AP)

Florida Senate Panel To Vote On New Redristricting Map

The Florida Senate’s Reapportionment Committee is scheduled to vote on Wednesday on a revised redistricting map.