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Top Party Rides In South Florida

From party buses to party golf carts, there are many ways to get from here to there in South Florida without compromising style.


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Top Spots For Local Liquor And Brews In South Florida

To truly take advantage of your own town, the old saying reigns supreme, “think globally, drink locally.” Here are some places to do just that.


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Top College Productions To See This Year In South Florida

Experience all the laughter and tears of the theatre with these fine college productions this fall.


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Top Spooky Halloween Events In South Florida

Check out these scare-tastic Halloween events ranging from classical music, restaurant sampling, classic movies and more to bring out your masked mischief.



Top Doughnut Shops In South Florida

In a land of pastelitos and McBreakfasts, here are five places that celebrate the good old fashioned doughnut.


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Best Book Clubs In South Florida

These South Florida book clubs might be what you find at the end of the reading rainbow.


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Best Shows To See This Fall On A Budget In South Florida

From stand-up to symphonies, there are plenty of shows to keep you entertained this fall for less.


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Weirdest Museums In South Florida

From unrequited love monuments to antique fighting machines, South Florida’s museums widely range in topics but offer the same fun to those who want walk down the side-winding roads of history. Here are a few glimpses into history off the beaten path.


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Best Local Authors In South Florida

Here are five local authors to keep your page-turning finger in shape all summer.


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Best Places To Add Flair To Your Patio In South Florida

Kicking back never looked so good thanks to this guide to making your patio VIP worthy.