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Airline Ticket Changes Can Be Costly, Even When It’s The Airlines Fault

When you buy an airline ticket and want to change your itinerary, you’ll probably pay a fee. In fact, airlines collected $2.7 billion in “reservation change” and “cancellation fees” last year alone.


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United Air Cracking Down On Over-Sized Carry On Bags

United Airlines has begun cracking down on passengers who try to stuff oversized carry-on bags into the overhead storage bins.


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Trend In Airlines’ Packaged Perks Really Takes Off

Extra legroom, priority boarding, checked baggage. When it comes to air travel these days, it seems like airlines are charging extra for everything.
Airlines have learned to package its perks and the trend is really taking off.

CBS Miami–12/18/2013

Miami International Airport Sets New Records

If you’ve ever been to Miami International Airport, you know just how busy it can get. Last year they set a record.


An American Airlines Inc. plane taxis past two others at LaGuardia airport in New York, U.S., on Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2011. U.S. travel during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend will rise 4 percent from last year as Americans take trips they had put off because of the weak economy, AAA said. (Source: Scott Eells/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Survey: American Airlines Has Rudest Workers

American Airlines holds two conflicting honors: it’s the top air carrier in South Florida, a new survey reveals it’s also the one with the rudest personnel.



Something Extra: Too Close for Comfort

Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse for people who fly, they have.


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Report: Airlines Improving Baggage Handling/Passenger Bumps

Airline passengers across the United States got a mixed bag of news from the latest government analysis of the airline industry.


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Senate Bill May End Airline Bag Fees

If you’re planning on flying for the holidays, you’re more than likely prepared for the onslaught of baggage fees airlines can’t wait to charge you. But, a new Senate bill may be music to your ears.



American Airlines On Final Approach?

American Airlines stock rebounded somewhat Tuesday after analysts said they don’t envision the company running out of money – or filing for bankruptcy – at least not any time soon.


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Fliers Pay The Price With Extra Airline Fees

If you’ve flown anywhere this year, you’ve had to deal with the conundrum of cheap tickets and sky high fees. Now, a study from USA Today has news that will make the sticker shock of buying a plane ticket worse.