(Source: State of Florida) Laurel Wilt tree destruction

Beetle, Disease Put Dade Avocado Trees At Risk

Plant pests and diseases are killing South Florida palm trees, endangering Dade County Pine trees, and have all but eradicated citrus trees from the landscape. Now, they’ve taken aim on the Avocado, with the discovery of a dangerous beetle and disease in a Miami-Dade commercial avocado grove.


(Photo Credit: Office of Governor)

45 Year Ban On Dyeing Chicks, Bunnies Ends With Scott’s OK

After 45 years, Florida residents once again have the legal right to dye bunnies and chickens bright neon colors to give children for Easter gifts, despite the fact the law change has been decried by animal rights advocates statewide.



Something Extra: Do You Work In A Happy Business?

Do you think your friends in other industries are happier? They might be.


(Source: CBS4) Consumers worrioed about possible fungicide in their orange juice can check to see the juice is produced only from US Produced oranges

Foreign OJ Ban Could Limit Sunshine State Production, Raise Prices

Consumers may be looking at an increase in the price of orange juice after the Food and Drug Administration said it would stop all shipments of foreign orange juice at the border, and turn back any who test positive for the fungicide Carbendazim.


(Source: CBS4)

Abundant Rainfall Helping S. Fla. Water Problems

The recent rainfall has sent Lake Okeechobee up by three feet and nearly two feet of rain fell in some parts of the Everglades last month, erasing a bone-dry summer.



Redland Homeowner Gears Up For A Pot Bellied Pig Fight

A woman in Redland has received a fine for her pet pigs and county officials say she’ll continue to rack them up until she agrees to let the animals go.



Publix Targeted Over Farmworker Tomato Pay

The Coalition of Immokalee Workers group is wrapping up a five-city national tour Saturday with rallies calling for Publix to pay workers a penny more per pound for tomatoes.


(Source: CBS4) Worker in the fields during a cold snap in Florida

Miami-Dade Farmers Seek Federal Aid For Crop Loss

Miami-Dade officials have asked the U.S.D.A. to issue a disaster declaration to cover the loss of more than $50 million in local agriculture.


(Source: CBS4)

Emergency Order Extended To Allow For Transporting Freeze-Vulnerable Crops

Florida farmers will have more time to continue harvesting and transporting affected crops to facilities before they deteriorate after the order relaxing trucking restrictions was extended.


(Source: CBS4) Worker in the fields during a cold snap in Florida

Strawberries Ok, But Other Crops Damaged By Chill

TALLAHASSEE (CBS4) – We all know December was frigid in Florida, it was devastating to farmers and that could mean high prices for some vegetables, or even to shortages in some crops badly hurt by […]