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FDA Seeks To Stop Overuse Of Acetaminophen

The Food and Drug Administration is trying to curb the rampant abuse of acetaminophen by asking doctors to quit prescribing drugs that combine medications with more than 325 milligrams of acetaminophen per pill.

CBS Miami–01/15/2014


Johnson & Johnson Changes Dosage On Extra Strength Tylenol

Johnson & Johnson making major changes to one of its most popular products to reduce the risk of an overdose.


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FDA Panel Backs Infant Doses For Kids’ Tylenol

Federal health experts said Wednesday that dosing instructions for children younger than 2 years old should be added to Children’s Tylenol and similar products containing acetaminophen, the popular pain reliever and fever reducer.


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Drugmakers Discontinue Infant Drops With Acetaminophen

Johnson & Johnson and other makers of cold and fever medications said Wednesday that they will discontinue infant drops of medicines containing acetaminophen in an effort to avoid confusion that can lead to dangerous overdoses.


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FDA Calls For Lower Dosages Of Acetaminophen

Some big changes are coming to some popular, and very powerful, prescription painkillers.