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String Of 7-Eleven Robberies Under Investigation

Authorities are investigating an armed robbery at a 7-Eleven in Pompano Beach early Tuesday morning.


Police looking for two men who robbed a person's wallet at a gas station and attempted to take money from the cash register before running off when the oven timer sounded. (Source: MDPD)

Oven Timer Sends Armed Robbers Running

Two men, armed with a gun, fled from a gas station they were attempting to rob when an alarm, which turned out to be an oven timer, sounded. Now police are hoping surveillance can help them catch the crooks.


Rudolph Anthony Gonzalez, 51, is charged with second degree murder in the death of Elisabethe Rose Silva,52, who owned the 7-Eleven located at NW 103rd Street near 5th Avenue. (Courtesy: Miami-Dade Department of Corrections)

No Bond For Man Accused Of Killing Girlfriend At 7-Eleven

A man accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend in front of a 7-Eleven store is set to appear before a judge Saturday.


Miami-Dade police are investigating a deadly shooting in the parking lot of a 7-Eleven store in the northern part of the county. (Source: CBS4)

Deadly Shooting In Parking Lot Of North Dade 7-Eleven

Miami Dade police say a man shot and killed his wife Friday morning in front of the 7-11 store they owned on NW 103rd Street near 5th Avenue.


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Two Juvies Arrested Following Pembroke Pines Shooting

Pembroke Pines police are investigating a shooting that shutdown traffic at Palm Avenue.


A man seen with a gift bag robbing a store.  (Source: CBS4)

Police Searching For Robber With Christmas Gift Bag

Coral Gables police are searching for a robbery subject who was captured on camera with a Christmas gift bag in hand.


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Free Slurpees As 7-Eleven Celebrates Birthday On 7/11

7-Eleven is celebrating its 87th birthday Friday by giving away free Slurpees on what’s being called “7-Eleven Day.”


Mars One Program (Source: Mars One)

One Way Ticket: Mission To Mars

On July 21, 1969 the Apollo 11 space flight took the first humans to the moon, with Neil Armstrong being the first to step on the lunar surface.


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Robber To Victim: “I’m Doing This To Feed My Family.”

A man robbing a Pompano Beach gas station gave the young clerk an explanation for his actions.


Car crashes into Oakland Park 7-Eleven. (Source: CBS4)

Car Crashes Into Oakland Park 7-Eleven

Police are investigating a car that crashed into a 7-Eleven storefront in Oakland Park Sunday.