The Living Heart Project is a program that produces a 3D simulation of the human heart.
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Future Of Cardiology Includes Your Heart In 3D

The future of cardiology is here now. When a new heart device is invented, it needs to be tested on real people before going to market but a Massachusetts company has developed one-of-a-kind virtual technology when it created a 3-D simulation of the human heart.

CBS Miami–07/31/2015

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U.S. State Department Shoots Down 3D Guns

With one shot, a 25-year old Texas law student killed two things: the notion that 3D technology is only used by professionals and any chance of the gun debate going away.



Inability To Watch 3-D Movies May Indicate Bigger Problem

It’s the summer of 3-D movies but, some people can’t see 3D at all. And if you have a severe headache after watching a 3D movie it’s a sign of a bigger problem.


(Source: CBS4) A 3-D image taken during a dental exam.

Dentistry Goes High Tech With 3D Technology

Technology is making trips to the dentist quicker, more precise and less painful. Just ask Juan Rubio who had terrible pain from a cavity.


3DBreast Imaging

3-D Breast Imaging Comes To South Florida

Mammography has gone hi-tech. Just like movies and televisions can be seen in 3D, so too can breast exams. For now, CBS4’s Cynthia Demos tells us there’s only one place in all of South Florida to get a 3-D mammogram.


Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as Jack and Rose in scene from movie "Titanic", (AP)

‘Titanic’ To Be Re-Released In 3-D Next Year

The hugely popular Hollywood epic”Titanic” is coming back to theaters in 3-D.


Sanctum hits theatres on Friday. (Source: SanctumMovie.com)

‘Sanctum’ Based On Screenwriter’s Real-Life Experience

A film about a tropical storm that forced a team of underwater cave divers deep into the caverns fighting raging waters as they search for an escape route is based on the writer’s actual experience as a diver.


Doctors are now using 3D technology in the operating room, and it's proving to be a big benefit for patients.

Doctors Use 3D Technology For Surgery

In recent years more movies have been produced in 3D. Now 3D technology is being used in the operating room.