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Focus On South Florida: Pastor Larry Thompson

Pastor Larry Thompson has just retired as the senior pastor at the First Baptist Church of Fort Lauderdale.

My TV 33–04/17/2016

Karen Dresbach and Grace Roth (Source: My33)

Focus On South Florida: Coral Gables Walk MS

CBS Miami is a proud sponsor of this annual fundraiser in which hundreds of South Floridians participate.

My TV 33–04/10/2016

Nechama Harlig and Michelle Kaplan (Source: My33)

Focus On South Florida: The Friendship Circle

“The Friendship Circle” is a community-based volunteer organization that offers a helping hand to families who have children with special needs.

My TV 33–04/10/2016

Dr. Nelson L. Adams and Dr. Anthony Hall (Source: My33)

Focus On South Florida: Walk a Mile With a Child

Right here in South Florida, there’s a growing problem among our children, specifically in the African-American community.

My TV 33–04/10/2016

Steve Eisenberg and Tere Blanca. (Source: My33)

Focus On South Florida: Leadership Miami

Our community has one of the worst rates of volunteerism in the nation.

My TV 33–04/10/2016

Ernie de la Fe and Alex Reuben (Source: My33)

Focus On South Florida: The Miamians

The faces that make up the Miamians have changed since they first began performing in South Florida in the 1940s, but their mission remains the same.

My TV 33–04/03/2016

Raymond Rodriguez-Torres and Robert Brooks (Source: My33)

Focus On South Florida: Pediatric Cancer Research

It’s hard to talk about children and cancer, but it can’t be ignored, because a growing number of children, here in our community and beyond, are being diagnosed with the devastating disease.

My TV 33–04/03/2016

Heather Geronemus and Alvin Pollock (Source: My33)

Focus On South Florida: Broward MADD Dash

The consequences of driving drunk can last a lifetime for the victims and their families.

My TV 33–04/03/2016

Alexandra Hernandez (Source: My33)

Focus On South Florida: United Way Center for Financial Stability

The IRS tax deadline is rapidly approaching, it is now less than two weeks away!

My TV 33–04/03/2016

Elkin Alfred and Khadijah Anderson. (Source: My33)

Focus On South Florida: United Way Broward Commission On Substance Abuse

The primary role of the United Way of Broward County Commission on Substance Abuse is to work with agencies to build healthier communities.

My TV 33–03/20/2016

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