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Top Tech At CES 2016
Apple Unveils Watch, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
Gadgets & Gizmos Galore At CES 2013
iPhone 5 Fever Rages Around The Globe It's a familiar scene whenever Apple unveils the latest version of a popular product -- and it played out again Friday Sept. 21, 2012 around the world. There have been long lines outside Apple stores in Asia, Europe and North America, as people try to be among the first to get their hands on the new iPhone.
A Look At Apple's iPhone 5
Mission To MarsNASA says It's getting images from its Curiosity rover on Mars. Curiosity is a roving laboratory about the size of a compact car. It landed Sunday night, August 5, 2012 after an eight-month, 352-mile journey. Its mission is to analyze a crater region near the equator.
First-Of-Its-Kind Spaceship Blasts Off For Int'l Space StationA commercial rocket has blasted off with a load of supplies for the International Space Station. The SpaceX company's Falcon 9 rocket took flight at 3:44 a.m. Tuesday, May 22, 2012 from Cape Canaveral, opening a new era of spaceflight. It carried a capsule named Dragon that is packed with 1,000 pounds of space station provisions. This is the first time a private business has launched a vessel to the space station.
What's Hot At The Consumer Electronics ShowAt the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, there are plenty of high tech happenings. Of course there are plenty of computers, cameras and televisions but there are also a lot of novel, bizarre and downright quirky items as well.
VW Beetle Through The YearsIt was dubbed the People's Car in the beginning and has been rolling off production lines since the 1930's. VW's iconic Beetle will be redesigned for 2012, here's a look at the Beetle through the years.
Japanese Robot CrazeBack in the 1970s, it was easy for the “Six Million Dollar Man,” Steve Austin, to spot a robotic person — or a fembot as the hip sci-fi show called them. In 2010, Japanese robotics makers have taken careful notes and are creating some of the most life-like robots ever — so life-like they can even be used for medical training. It seems the future is indeed now.
Amazing NASA PhotosA collection of some of NASA's most beautiful pictures.
Web Billionaires
Which Apple iPod Is Right For You?Looking to get a new iPod, but not sure which one to choose? No problem. Take a look at all of the varieties and figure out which one best fits your lifestyle.
The World's Coolest Apple StoresApple is known for its hip style in consumer electronics, and that same trend carries over into its retail stores. Take a look at some of the coolest Apple Stores around the world.

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