New Animals Debut At Jungle Island

(Source: Frank C. Müller/Wikipedia)
Rhinoceros Iguana
The Rhinoceros Iguana is a threatened species of lizard in the Iguana family that is primarily found on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, shared by Haiti and the Dominican Republic. They vary in length from 60 to 136 centimeters (24 to 54 in) and skin colors range from a steely gray to a dark green and even brown. Their name derives from the bony-plated pseudo-horn or outgrowth which resembles the horn of a rhinoceros on the iguana's snout.  (Source: Frank C. Müller/Wikipedia)
(Source: Frank C. Müller/Wikipedia)
(Source: Charlesjsharp/Wikipedia)
Great Curassow
The Great Curassow is a large, pheasant-like bird from Central and South America. The male and female curassows exhibit sexual dimorphism. The male is black with a curly crest, a white belly, and a yellow knob on its bill. Females have an overall reddish plumage with unique marking on their head and tails. Its diet consists mainly of fruits, figs and insects. (Source: Charlesjsharp/Wikipedia)
(Source: Charlesjsharp/Wikipedia)
(Source: Ltshears/Wikipedia)
Cotton Top Tamarin
One of the smallest primates, the cotton-top tamarin is easily recognized by the long white crest extending from its forehead to its shoulders. The species is found in tropical forest edges and secondary forests in northwestern Colombia where it is arboreal and diurnal. Its diet includes insects and plants. You can find two of these cute little monkeys here on Jungle Island. (Source: Ltshears/Wikipedia)
(Source: Ltshears/Wikipedia)
(Source: Jmkarohl/Wikipedia)
Blue Eyed Nigerian Dwarf Goat
The Nigerian Dwarf goat is a miniature dairy goat breed of West African ancestry. The goats range in height from 22.5 inches to 23.5 inches and come in many different color variations including black, white, cream and with or without spots. The blue eyes are quite common in these goats as it is a dominant trait. Some even have two different colored eyes, one blue and one brown. Nigerian Dwarf goats are gentle and easily trainable.   (Source: Jmkarohl/Wikipedia)
(Source: Jmkarohl/Wikipedia)
(Source: Whaldener Endo/Wikipedia)
Seriema Bird
The seriema bird is a large, long-legged terrestrial bird that lives in grasslands, savanna, dry woodland and open forests of Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. They forage on foot and run from danger rather than fly (though they can fly for short distances, and they roost in trees). They have long legs, necks, and tails, but only short wings. (Source: Whaldener Endo/Wikipedia)
(Source: Whaldener Endo/Wikipedia)
(Source: C-8/Wikipedia)
African Crested Porcupine
African Crested Porcupine: The African Crested Porcupine is a mammal most recognizable by the quills that run along the head, nape, and back that can be raised into a crest. Hence the name crested porcupine. There are also some sturdier quills which are about 35 cm (14 in) in length and run along the sides and back half of the body. These sturdier quills are used, for the most part, for defense and are usually marked with light and dark bands which alternate. This porcupine can be found in northern and sub-Saharan Africa. (Source: C-8/Wikipedia)
(Source: C-8/Wikipedia)
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