Signs Of Fail

All You Can Eat Babys
All You Can Eat Babys Yummmy, all you can eat babys. Paging Mr. Dracula, Mr. Dracula. (CBS Viewer)
A SS Road
A SS Road Sometimes the highway department is a little too honest when they designate their roads. (CBS Viewer)
Good Luck On This Drive
Good Luck On This Drive Good Luck on this drive....ya think? (CBS Viewer)
Good news! Spongebob is hiring managers!!! (CBS Viewer)
Burger King Managers Good news! Spongebob is hiring managers!!! (CBS Viewer)
Caution Handicapped
Caution Handicapped Wait. What? (CBS Viewer)
Death And Fine
Death And Fine So not only do you die, you get a $200 fine as well. (CBS Viewer)
Diesel Fried Chicken
Diesel Fried Chicken Nothing better than some Diesel Fried Chicken. No word on if it there's also an unleaded version? (CBS Viewer)
Doggie Boop
Doggie Boop Teachers always said spelling would come in handy one day! (CBS Viewer)
Doggie Runway
Doggie Runway Nothing quite like a good afternoon walk on the runway with your dog. Mind the droppings from the 747's (CBS Viewer)
No Fishing
No Fishing Really? Is a no fishing sign needed when alligators are around? (CBS Viewer)
Don't Go In This Yard
Don't Go In This Yard Needless to say, this is not a property you want to trespass on. (CBS Viewer)
Drive-Thru Parking
Drive-Thru Parking So is it more of a run-thru after you park your car? (CBS Viewer)
Engilsh Fail
Engilsh Fail Well, does this mean that spelling is optional in the english language? (CBS Viewer)
Entrance No Entrance
Entrance No Entrance Okay, it's an entrance, but not an entrance you can go in. This is way too confusing. (CBS Viewer)
Golf Balls Removed
Golf Balls Removed This sounds way too harsh for simply removing a couple of golf balls. (CBS Viewer)
Good Luck
Good Luck Good luck never was more appropriate than when trying to decipher this street sign. (CBS Viewer)
Hikers On The Side
Hikers On The Side For some reason, the hikers and bikers seem to have an equal chance fighting the car as fighting the gators. (CBS Viewer)
Hitchhiking Inmates
Hitchhiking Inmates And they may be carrying a shotgun and be really mad at street signs. (CBS Viewer)
Indusrial Fail
Indusrial Fail Indusrial Fail (Dave Game)
Keep Right Left
Keep Right Left This is more confusing than trying to figure out which way politicians are going. (CBS Viewer)
Keep Right To The Left
Keep Right To The Left So you keep right while turning left; or do you keep right and not turn left? (CBS Viewer)
Kids With Gas
Kids With Gas If they didn't have gas before, they will after eating. Diesel Fried Chicken might be on the menu. (CBS Viewer)
Chili Frog
Chili Frog Fried Chilli Frog. Nothing can top that. (CBS Viewer)
No Dumping
No Dumping No Dumping in the graveyard. Well, they've got that going for them. (CBS Viewer)
No Pets Allowed
No Pets Allowed No Pets Allowed, but pets need to be on a leash. Your dog wants instructions. (CBS Viewer)
No Swimming Crocs
No Swimming Crocs No swimming, unless you mind battling a few crocs. (CBS Viewer)
Open 24 Hours...Or Not
Open 24 Hours...Or Not They're open 24 hours...or not. (CBS Viewer)
Emergency Shout Off Switch
Emergency Shout Off Switch Apparently, if you shout just loud enough, it will shut off the propane. (Dave Game)
Real Cause of Traffic
Real Cause of Traffic Northern highway department just decides to be honest about what happened. (CBS Viewer)
Sotp Sotp!!! (CBS Viewer)
Today's Special
Today's Special It's a sale, unless it's not a sale. (CBS Viewer)
Take Out Sit Down
Take Out Sit Down So do you have to stay when you sit down for take-out? (CBS Viewer)
Third Sex
Third Sex Marie's welcomes males, females, and the third sex?? (CBS Viewer)
Threat Level Unknown
Threat Level Unknown Threat level gray? Does that mean the threat level is bummed out? (CBS Viewer)
Timely Work
Timely Work After driving in South Florida, this sign seems especially fitting. (CBS Viewer)
Toilet Cameras
Toilet Cameras It just makes you wonder what exactly they're researching. (CBS Viewer)
Toilet Water Yummy
Toilet Water Yummy Sadly, the only reason the sign is on there is that someone has already tried it. (CBS Viewer)
Any Which Way
Any Which Way No left, no right, no reverse, no straight. Hmm, u-turn is still an option. (CBS Viewer)
What Things Come?
What Things Come? What? What things come to those who wait? This unknown might make you lose your patience. Oh wait. (CBS Viewer)
Yay Free Kids
Yay Free Kids Buy 2 kids and get the third for free? Now that's a deal. (CBS Viewer)
Young Boozer
Young Boozer Being that it's from Alabama, it's really no surprise that he actually won. (
Zombie Attack
Zombie Attack BRAINS!!!! BRAINS!!!! Run for your life! (CBS Viewer)
Made In India Fail
Made In India Fail
It's American....Made In India....Fail.
Speed Hump Fail
Speed Hump Fail
Yknow, no matter where you go with this, it's wrong. So I'll just leave it at this....Giggity!
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