Cynthia Demos

Cynthia Demos

Emmy Award-winning journalist Cynthia Demos anchors the weekend newscasts on CBS4 News and reports as well.  She joined the Station in 2007, and has also anchored morning and noon broadcasts for CBS4.

Cynthia’s career as a journalist began at Miami Palmetto Junior High School where Cynthia read the morning announcements over the school’s public address (PA) system. She’s proud to have been the first morning anchor on WPAW. Many years later after working in television and picking up two Emmy Awards, she’s doing essentially the same thing but for a much larger audience.

Before coming back to her native Miami, Cynthia was an anchor/reporter for various stations in Orlando, West Palm Beach, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and Panama City.

“I thought a return home to Miami would come a lot sooner,” Cynthia says. “It took more than a decade but I never gave up!”

She’s covered more than a dozen hurricanes (standing in the middle of most of them), the presidential debacle of 2000, NASA (even travelling to Israel for the first Israeli astronaut’s flight into space). She broke the national story about a woman who went to a hospital to deliver a baby and came out with her arms and legs amputated. She revealed explicit video of a college student smoking an herb called Salvia (with LSD side affects); the drug was later made illegal in the State of Florida.

Cynthia came home to more than just a great job.  She became reacquainted with a guy she had known since childhood and they got married.  She and her husband, Matt Rubino are the proud parents of a beautiful daughter who looks like her mother and a handsome son who looks like his dad.

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