Where does your team stand? See which team is making moves up the rankings every Tuesday of the regular season with our NFL Power Rankings.

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Rank   Team Record   Change   Comment
1 Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Eagles 11-2
It’s a big blow to lose your starting QB this late in the season with a playoff berth already clinched. Lucky the next two games are against the Giants and the Raiders.
2 Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers 11-2
▲ 2
Seven of Pittsburgh’s wins this year have come by a TD or less. Now they get the angry Patriots at home with AFC home-field advantage on the line. This should be good.
3 Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Vikings 10-3
▼ 1
Losing at Carolina was acceptable. Now, the Vikings just need to beat the Bengals at home to clinch the NFC North. That’s doable.
4 New England Patriots New England Patriots 10-3
▼ 1
How did the Pats drop that one in Miami? Weird. New England so rarely loses two in a row, so watch out, Steelers.
5 Los Angeles Rams Los Angeles Rams 9-4
That Rams defense hasn't looked good for a month now, and the NFC West is on the line this Sunday in Seattle.
6 Jacksonville Jaguars Jacksonville Jaguars 9-4
▲ 2
The Jags were the beneficiaries of a big no-call mistake by the refs on Sunday. A win this Sunday against the Texans would be a big one in terms of playoff positioning.
7 New Orleans Saints New Orleans Saints 9-4
▼ 1
The Saints had a season-low offensive output last week in the road loss to Atlanta. Alvin Kamara’s absence clearly was a big one for New Orleans.
8 Carolina Panthers Carolina Panthers 9-4
▲ 1
The Panthers are just hanging around, failing to impress often but still winning enough to be atop the NFC South with the Saints.
9 Seattle Seahawks Seattle Seahawks 8-5
▼ 2
Yes, we know Atlanta beat Seattle, and that could keep the Seahawks out of the playoffs. But top to bottom, which team would you rely on more to win the big game? Choke jobs against New England aside, of course.
10 Atlanta Falcons Atlanta Falcons 8-5
▲ 1
Monday night’s upcoming game at Tampa Bay is a must-win situation for the Falcons, who close with the Saints on the road and the Panthers at home.
11 Tennessee Titans Tennessee Titans 8-5
▼ 1
That was a stinker in the desert, for sure. Only 204 yards of total offense? Is this really a playoff team? We’ll find out Sunday in San Francisco.
12 Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs 7-6
▲ 1
It was just the Raiders, so we can’t get too excited. But an early play-in game for the postseason happens on Saturday at Arrowhead Stadium.
13 Los Angeles Chargers Los Angeles Chargers 7-6
▲ 1
Four straight wins have put the Chargers in charge (sorry) of their own destiny. Saturday’s game at Kansas City basically will decide the AFC West.
14 Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers 7-6
▲ 1
Two consecutive overtime wins have the Pack ready for Aaron Rodgers’ return. Can they make a late run at the playoffs? Stay tuned.
15 Dallas Cowboys Dallas Cowboys 7-6
▲ 1
Two straight victories over lowly NFC East rivals and Oakland next means the Cowboys could also sneak into the playoffs if things break right.
16 Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens 7-6
▼ 4
They sure handed that game to the Steelers on Sunday night, didn’t they? Luckily for Baltimore, they should win their final three easily.
17 Detroit Lions Detroit Lions 7-6
With Chicago and Cincinnati next, the Lions could find themselves fighting for an NFC playoff spot in Week 17 against Green Bay. But we doubt it.
18 Buffalo Bills Buffalo Bills 7-6
Stop the presses. The Bills currently hold the final AFC playoff spot after an OT win against Indy. Two of the final three games are against the Dolphins.
19 Arizona Cardinals Arizona Cardinals 6-7
▲ 2
The Cards have two winnable games next against Washington and the New York Giants before a final game in Seattle, where they could be play spoiler, big time.
20 Oakland Raiders Oakland Raiders 6-7
▼ 1
With all the marbles on the line Sunday, the Raiders laid a big egg. Their final three games are against teams with winning records, so Oakland can start planning for 2018.
21 Miami Dolphins Miami Dolphins 6-7
▲ 3
Next up for the Dolphins are two straight road games, first at Buffalo and then at Kansas City. We expect Miami to lose both, despite that Monday Night Football shocker.
22 Washington Redskins Washington Redskins 5-8
▼ 2
QB Kirk Cousins threw for just 151 yards in Sunday’s loss to the Chargers. On the bright side, the ‘Skins could close with three straight wins.
23 Cincinnati Bengals Cincinnati Bengals 5-8
Well, that was rock bottom, right? Losing at home by 26 points to the Bears? It can’t get much worse than that, unless ... no, the Bengals already swept the Browns.
24 New York Jets New York Jets 5-8
▼ 2
This is not a typo. The Jets gained just 100 total yards in a 23-0 loss to the Broncos on Sunday. How does that even happen?
25 Houston Texans Houston Texans 4-9
The city of Houston has a World Series title to bask in the glow of right now, so we don’t feel too bad about the train wreck the season has become.
26 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-9
The league’s 31st-ranked defense is to blame for this 2017 fiasco. Expect three more losses to end the season with Atlanta, Carolina and New Orleans on the schedule still.
27 Denver Broncos Denver Broncos 4-9
Any win at this point is a good win for the Broncos, even if it’s just over the Jets. Good riddance to that eight-game losing streak, right?
28 Chicago Bears Chicago Bears 4-9
Impressive road win, even if it was just over the Bengals. Can the Bears do it two weeks in a row? The Lions may not want to find out on Saturday.
29 San Francisco 49ers San Francisco 49ers 3-10
▲ 1
The organization is hurting its draft position, but who cares? The 49ers will be a tough out for the Titans, the Jags and the Rams in the final three games of the season.
30 Indianapolis Colts Indianapolis Colts 3-10
▼ 1
Yes, we know the Colts beat the 49ers earlier, but one team is one the rise now, and it’s not Indianapolis.
31 Cleveland Browns Cleveland Browns 0-13
▲ 1
The Browns are 23rd on offense and 12th on defense. Why are they winless? They’ve lost twice in OT, and three others losses were by just a field goal. This team is just unlucky.
32 New York Giants New York Giants 2-11
▼ 1
The Giants rank 29th in offense and 32nd in defense. Looking back, it’s amazing New York has won any games this year at all.

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