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Focus On South Florida: The Underline

Many people say it’s simply not safe for bicyclists or pedestrians in South Florida.

My TV 33–05/24/2015

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Focus On South Florida: The Leadership Fellows Program

The Kopenhaver Center at Florida International University was established in 2012 with a mission to empower women scholars and professionals in all fields of communication to help them grow into leaders who can make a difference in their communities.

My TV 33–05/24/2015

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Focus On South Florida: The OBIES: A Taste of South Florida

Over the years the Orange Bowl has been able to give millions of dollars back to the South Florida community.

My TV 33–05/24/2015

Lady Gaga and David Letterman

What David Letterman & His ‘Late Show’ Meant To Music

David Letterman was your taste-maker older brother who shared his favorite music nightly like a perfectly curated mixtape.


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Facing South Florida: Miami Beach Officers And Racist Emails Part II

State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle and Miami Beach Police Chief Dan Oates held a news conference to discuss their investigation into thousands of offensive emails discovered inside the police department.