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Facing South Florida: Norah O’Donnell

CBS4’s Jim DeFede and Norah O’Donnell discuss the RNC and DNC.


Marc Caputo (Source: CBS4)

Facing South Florida: Paul Ryan

CBS4’s Jim DeFede and The Miami Herald’s Marc Caputo discuss Paul Ryan, Mitt Romey’s choice for his running mate.


Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle (Source: CBS4)

Facing South Florida: Miami-Dade State Attorney

CBS4’S Jim DeFede sat down with Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez-Rundle and her opponent Rod Vereen.


Bobby Jindal (Source: CBS4)

Facing South Florida: Bobby Jindal

CBS4’s Jim DeFede goes one-on-one with Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal who is on the short-list to be Mitt Romney’s running mate.


Oswaldo Paya (CBS4)

The Passing Of Cuban Dissident Oswaldo Paya

I will probably never meet anyone braver in my life than Oswaldo Paya. It was June 2005 and I was in Havana for The Miami Herald. I had been meeting with both government officials and dissidents, writing a series of columns about the island.



Facing South Florida: Pitbull Ban

In three weeks voters in Miami- Dade will decide if they want to repeal the County’s 23 year-old ban on Pitbulls. Jim Defede discusses the issue with both sides.


Al Cardenas

Facing South Florida: Al Cardenas

CBS4’S Jim DeFede sat down with Al Cardenas, Chairman of C-PAC to discuss the upcoming Republican National Convention in Tampa.


Frederica Wilson (CBS4)

Facing South Florida: Frederica Wilson

MIAMI (CBS4) – U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson accused her opponent, Dr. Rudy Moise, of being “underground” during this year’s Democratic primary race.

“I have not seen Dr. Rudy Moise since the last time I defeated him, I saw him at one debate, I have not even seen him in the community doing any service or showing up anywhere, so I am still looking for him, he has gone completely underground,” Wilson said during an appearance Sunday morning on CBS4’s Facing South Florida.


Congressman Alcee Hasting (CBS4)

Facing South Florida: Congressman Alcee Hastings

Congressman Alcee Hastings sits down with CBS4’s Jim DeFede to discuss the race for President and the recent Supreme Court rulings.