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Latest Miami Hurricane Preps

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Monroe Evacuation And Shelter Information

The Keys are the most hurricane prone area of the United States with some 600 miles of coastline. Most of the Keys are no more than 4 to 7 feet above sea level. This means the Keys are especially vulnerable to storm surge flooding.



Broward’s Hurricane Ready Decal Program

Blue and White decals displayed outside of local stores in Broward County helps residents identify businesses that have their own power source, and are likely to be open for business after a hurricane has passed. […]



What To Do With Your Pets During A Hurricane

Hurricanes can be stressful on everyone, especially your pets. But if you plan ahead, it will lighten your load.


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Things You Should Do In A Hurricane Warning

When an evacuation order is given, there may be some confusion about what to do. CBS4 has tips on how to protect everything from your pets to your home.


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Miami-Dade Shelter And Evacuation Information

Miami-Dade offers information about shelters and evacuation routes.


The USDA doesn’t officially offer any opinion about whether organic food is safer or more nutritious than non-organic food. It only says that organic standards have been met. This includes the companies that handle or process the foods before they get to the supermarket. That said, organic foods have lower levels of artificial pesticides, are not genetically modified, don’t have artificial hormones, and reduce your exposure to antibiotics.

Guide To Stocking Up Hurricane Supplies On A Budget

Hurricane season will officially arrive on June 1 and that means it’s time to have your hurricane supplies ready and there are ways to keep you and your bank account fully supplied.


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Broward County Shelter And Evacuation Information

Broward County has designated 14 hurricane shelter locations and a pet-friendly shelter for residents in evacuation zones.



Neighbors 4 Neighbors

Neighbors 4 Neighbors became a hallmark of the recovery from Hurricane Andrew.