Guide To Protecting Plants From The ColdSome delicate ornamental plants don't tolerate the cold well, even if well above the freezing mark. Orchids, houseplants, and new plantings are particularly at risk in the chill.
Safety Tips For Home HeatingToo often, when the weather turns cool in South Florida preventable fires from heating systems end tragically. Using stoves or portable heaters in a makeshift fashion frequently pose the greatest threat.
Guide: How To Escape From A Rip Reminds Everyone Of What To Do If They Find Themselves Caught In A Rip Current
Fast Facts: Space Heater Safety TipsSpace heaters can keep you warm, but they can also be dangerous - even deadly.
FAST FACTS: Dengue Fever And Symptoms
FAST FACTS: Florida Coyotes
FAST FACTS: Encephalitis And Prevention Tips
FAST FACTS: Water And Pool Safety Tips
FAST FACTS: Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
FAST FACTS: Disasters That Have Rocked Haiti
FAST FACTS: Haiti -- A Nation Of Poverty
FAST FACTS: Portuguese Man-Of-War

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