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CBS Announces Summer Series Lineup

Under the Dome and Big Brother are returning to CBS this summer. The network announced premiere dates for its summer programming Tuesday which not only include Under the Dome and Big Brother, but also new shows Extant, and the new steamy legal drama Reckless.

CBS Miami–03/11/2014

The Honest Bank Robber

A bank robber would have gotten away with the Perfect Crime if his conscience hadn’t got the best of him, and resulted in him coming clean.


Excessive Sweat

It’s normal for people to sweat here in the tropics of South Florida.


Large Burmese Pythons are regularly encountered in the Everglades. (Source: National Park Service)

Pythons Migrating To The Keys

If you’re a resident of South Florida, you know about the invasion of pythons in the Everglades. Now however, experts say the pythons can actually leave the swamps and survive in saltwater.


Sharks: Danger or in Danger?

Sharks: Danger or In Danger

Beginning Monday, February 20 and continuing through Sunday, February 26, CBS4 will bring viewers an up-close look at the shark, one of the world’s most fearsome – and least understood – creatures.


An innovative doctor has  anew way to share his procedures

YouTube Doctor

Meet a South Florida doctor who actually videotapes his surgeries, then posts them for people to watch all over the world.


Michele Gillen explores the problem of gay, lesbian and trans-gender kids who are left to fend for themselves

Homeless LGBTQ Teens

As the numbers of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people grow in our society, more and more LGBT teens are finding the courage to come out of the closet.


Fake IDs were once a right of passage. Now they can be a deadly danger!

Fake ID Dangers

What was once a right of passage for underage students wanting to get into bars has now become a national security threat.


Shop-aholics take note! All your favorite brands are available locally!

Shopping Shakeup

The biggest luxury brand names are moving around for the first time in decades – Lisa Petrillo helps you find out where and when.


Electric cars seem to be a great way to save on fuel costs. But how many fueling stations are there?

Electric Cars

They offer you the promise of “Going Green” and never having to buy gas again. But as CBS4 Investigator Al Sunshine reports, new Electric Cars may be heading into South Florida, but there’s still a big problem trying to use them.