Al Sunshine

Last Minute Tax Tips

Tuesday April 17th BEFORE Midnight: We may have a little extra time for this years’ IRS deadline to file our 2011 Tax Returns. But there’s still plenty of taxpayers with last minute questions. The IRS’s […]


Al Sunshine

Q-2: Al’s Financial Forecast for the coming Financial Quarter

We’ve seen some steady economic gains here in South Florida and across the country. Where we’ve been since the start of the year can give us solid clues where we’re heading for the second-quarter,  starting […]


“CBS 4 Investigates” Findings quoted in Congress

Tax refund scams are costing Uncle Sam as much as $10-Billiion dollars a year and current laws are not strong enough to protect Taxpayers from sophisticated Cyber-Thieves: That according to Tuesday’s Washington testimony before the […]


Stopping Car Insurance Scams: Running Outta Time

Insurance fraud investigators in Florida have been seeing them for years: They look like a regular accident you might see around South Florida every day. It starts with a car getting clipped by an SUV. But […]


S.Fla. Residential Real Estate Leading the Nat’l Recovery?

Nationally, home prices dropped to 2002 levels according to the latest real estate surveys. And that makes last year one of the worst in recent history for the national real estate markets. But it turns […]


Wall Street Gains: Spring Cleaning for Our Finances?

With Wall Street having one of its’ best weeks in years, and the Dow flirting with new record yearly highs almost every day, you might think local consumers are feeling a little bit better about […]


Local Gas Prices Keep Rising along with “Big Oil” profits

Our recent spike in Gas Prices isn’t coming from the traditional “Supply and Demand” market forces, but rather “Investors” jumping into the commodities markets at the same time a major oil producer threatens to cut […]


Al Sunshine

Tax Refund Fraud Growing around S. Florida

There’ve been so many identity theft victims choking local IRS offices that the agency’s limited how many could come into their customer service offices earlier this week. Sunrise resident Vanessa Dowe spent time off from […]


National Unemployment Dropping: A Closer Look for South Florida

The Latest January National Employment numbers are looking better than last year. And it’s boosting Wall Street to levels not seen for several years. But is there a real hiring boom nationwide, how long could […]


Credit Card/ ID-Theft at Record Levels: Fight Back!

Credit Card Fraud and Identity Theft is so bad in South Florida, we are one of the national focuses of a new campaign promoting Cyber-Safety by the U-S Department of Homeland Security. Just how bad […]