Hashimoto’s Disease Disguised As Hypothyroidism?

(Courtesy: Integrated Health Center of Miami)

Are you suffering from chronic fatigue and unable to get a good night’s rest?  Are you feeling depressed? Have you noticed your hair falling out and/or your nails becoming brittle?  Despite all your efforts, are you still unable to lose weight?

Even worse, what many people do not realize is that low thyroid symptoms may actually be caused by a disease called Hashimoto’s.  In fact, some believe that up to 97% of people with diagnosed low thyroid disorder have the immune disorder called Hashimoto’s.

This underlying autoimmune disease attacks your thyroid gland until you have no healthy thyroid tissue left.  Unfortunately, Hashimoto’s is rarely checked for in this country, and as a result, you may continue experiencing low thyroid symptoms regardless of your labs appearing normal and being on medication therapy.  Extensive testing is required to uncover and modulate the underlying mechanisms of this condition.

Ultimately what you need to understand is that if you have Hashimoto’s you do not necessarily have a thyroid problem. Your thyroid might be the victim of a much deeper underlying immune disorder. In other words, your so called thyroid disorder is just a symptom of a deeper problem.

Integrated Health Center of Miami (IHCMiami) led by Dr. Ruben Valdes, D.C., was founded to support patients working towards reversing their chronic conditions such as low thyroid disorders. Their mission is to uncover and guide the patient in addressing the underlying mechanisms of their imbalance. The Center determines the underlying cause(s) by uncovering hormonal imbalances, organ dysfunction, nutritional deficiencies, etc. that are associated with the condition.  Detailed findings are then used to customize a plan for patients based on underlying root causes.

IHCMiami conducts monthly lunch and dinner workshops on chronic conditions such as Hashimotos, Hypothyroidism, Diabetes and Alzheimer’s. To learn more and/or to register for an upcoming workshop, please visit www.lowthyroidmiami.com or call 786.801.3977.

Integrated Health Center of Miami is located at Doral Corporate Plaza, Medical Section, 7769 NW 48th Street, Suite 180, Doral, Florida, 33166.

Above content provided by Integrated Health Center of Miami


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