MIAMI (CBSMiami) — The latest electronic devices will be on display when the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) starts in Las Vegas on Thursday.

With wearable technology being a hot item this year, the industry is moving well beyond pedometers and wristbands.

Last year, the craze over Fitbit and similar devices had Americans counting steps by the millions. This year, you can count your heart rate and even every breath you take.

Robin Raskin -the president of Living in Digital Times – says fitness trackers are now built into everything from clothing to ear buds.

Jabra headphones not only count your vitals but also how many reps you do.

For those who play tennis, there’s a tracker on the racket that can track your swing.

“It’s counting how many times but also my top spin and velocity,” said Raskin.

Results can be seen through a smartphone app.

For swimmers, a new waterproof wearable from Speedo Misfit counts your laps and tracks your speed.

Then there are earphones that don’t go in your ear but on it.

Similar technology is also built into a smart bike helmet.

But what about your pace, there’s socks for that. The Sensoria socks talk to you and tell you to adjust your pace.

There’s also several trackers that double as a personal coach.

“You’re getting a lot of feedback not just how far you’ve run but your pace,” said Raskin.

So, whatever exercise you choose, you can track just about every move you make.


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