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MIAMI (CBSMiami/AP) — Hillary Clinton says she doesn’t care if Donald Trump  “goes after” her, adding “I signed up for this.”

During a fundraiser in San Francisco, California Thursday she added that she will defend every person or group that he insults. This after a number of new accusers have come out saying Trump acted in an inappropriate sexual manner with them.

The Democratic presidential nominee says “disturbing stories” about Trump “just keep on coming” and there is hardly any part of America that “he has not targeted.”

Clinton’s campaign says new allegations of Trump’s inappropriate sexual behavior with women suggests he “lied on the debate stage Sunday and that the disgusting behavior he bragged about is more than just words.”

Meantime, Trump bashed Clinton over the latest leak of e-mails released by WikiLeaks.

“This WikiLeaks stuff is unbelievable,” said Trump while in Ocala, Florida on Wednesday.

The emails are apparently from the Gmail account of Clinton’s Campaign Chair John Podesta. They reveal the ego stroking and horse-trading involved in courting top supporters.

In one 2015 email entitled “Needy Latinos,” Podesta urged Clinton to call Former Energy Secretary Federico Pena, who is “close to committing but carrying some baggage” and former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson – “notwithstanding the fact that he can be a (blank).”

Another exchange with Obama Campaign Manager David Plouffe reveals Clinton was laying the groundwork for a possible run far earlier than previously known.

In December 2013, Plouffe agreed to “enlist” a “small number” of people to draw up a battle plan but promised his helpers would have “no knowledge of who the project is for of course.”

Clinton Advisor Cheryl Mills was equally secretive, telling Plouffe “I have shared that we met with (Hillary Clinton) and (John Podesta); and with no others.”

The emails – which cannot be independently verified by CBS – are a distraction for Clinton, when the campaign would rather stay focused on Trump.

“That’s how desperate they are – that’s all they have left – pure negativity – and we can’t let that represent our country. I gotta tell you, I don’t care what he says about me. I care about you and all the other people in this country,” said Clinton while in Las Vegas, Nevada on Wednesday.

Polls now show her leading in 6 of 13 battleground states, including Colorado where new voter registration stats reportedly show Democratic voters exceeding Republicans for the first time in 32 years.

“I think Americans want to turn out in as big a number as possible to reject the dark and divisive and hateful campaign that is being run by my opponent,” said Clinton during an event in Pueblo, Colorado.

The Washington Post editorial board is endorsing Clinton, saying “no, we are not making this endorsement simply because Ms. Clinton’s chief opponent is dreadful, but because she is businesslike knowledgeable and willing to work across the aisle.”

The endorsement is hardly a surprise. The paper has never endorsed a Republican for president.

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