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MIAMI (CBSMiami/AP) – Hillary Clinton and Al Gore stopped into South Florida Tuesday to talk about something they say is affecting the state and its future – climate change.

“It’s become a daily reality in Miami…the ocean is bubbling up through the sewer system,” said Clinton.

Clinton said about $440 billion worth of properties in Florida are at risk due to rising sea levels.

The candidate even mentioned Hurricane Matthew’s possible connection to climate change. About 1.5 million Floridians were under evacuation orders in order to avoid the then category 4 storm.

“If you need additional convincing just remember what happened this week. Hurricane Matthew killed at least 26 people in this country,” said Clinton. “Hurricane Matthew was likely more destructive because of climate change.”

And she did not fail to mention her opponent and his stance on climate change.

“I’m running against a guy who denies science, denies climate change,” said Clinton. “We cannot risk putting a climate denier in the White House.”

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Following Clinton, Gore took the stage urging voters to take part in the November election especially in a battleground state like Florida.

“Your vote really, really counts a lot,” said Gore who made reference to 2000 when he won the popular vote but lost the electoral vote and the presidency after a close race in Florida was called for George Bush.

Gore, known for his work on climate change, says global warming needs to be a voting issue. He shared his expertise on climate change and its effects on Florida’s coast.

“Just since Hurricane Andrew the sea level and waters around Florida have gone up three inches,” said Gore.

Gore asked voters to vote no on amendment 1 which is on the Florida ballot.

“It doesn’t protect solar…they are trying to fool you into amending the state constitution,” said Gore. “The fossil utilities have spent $20 million to pull the wool over your eyes and $20 million will buy you lots of wool.”

Ballot Breakdown: Amendment 1, Pro Or Against Solar Energy?

Gore closed off by asking voters to elect a president that will make climate change a priority but most importantly to make sure to go out and vote on November 8th.

“I know that my vote counts. I know that your vote counts,” said Gore.

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton campaigned in Palm Beach, Lee and Pinellas counties on Tuesday. Bill Clinton focused on the economy and is making sure Florida residents know their registration status by visiting

A judge ruled Monday to extend the state’s voter registration deadline to Wednesday due to Hurricane Matthew.

A new national poll conducted before Sunday’s second presidential debate has Clinton leading Trump by 11 points nationally. More than 70 Republicans have denounced Trump since Friday.

As for Trump, he held a rally in Panama City Beach after being “unshackled.”

The Republican nominee will campaign in Ocala and Lakeland on Wednesday and is scheduled to appear at noon Thursday at the South Florida Fair Expo Center in West Palm Beach.

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Comments (2)
  1. Joe Goldner says:

    Come see the next President of the United States Donald J Trump. By the way Trump by the end of his rallies on Thursday will outdraw Crooked Hillary , he would have more then 100,000 people at his rallies while Hillary will barley make 10,000 at her rallies . Trump will also have live feed which averages more then 25k per rally, Crooked Hillary has no live feed. Trump will have millions watching on TV , Hillary a lot less . This is a movement , a BREXIT style movement and Trump will win on November 8th

  2. Ted Head says:

    Could Not Agree With You More

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