MIAMI (CBSMiami) — “Chemistry cuisine” is all the rage at Wynwood’s Shikany.

A once abandoned, 4-thousand square foot warehouse has been transformed into a fully renovated, almost hidden but ultra chic restaurant.

“We wanted to do something that’s different, like the meat packing district did 20 years ago in New York. There’s no sign outside and you don’t even know we are here,” explained owner and chef Michael Shikany.

When it comes to the food and the presentation, Shikany promises a unique dining experience.

“We use a lot of molecular gastronomy in our food as well as techniques Miami hasn’t seen,” said Shikany.

So what is molecular gastronomy?

“We do a lot of stuff with dehydration powder, chemicals that change the substance of the cuisine as well,” he explained.

For instance, liquid nitrogen is used to freeze sorbet that is placed inside the summer gazpacho soup.

To Lisa Petrillo who enjoyed this gastronomical feast, it was like a science experiment.

“A little bit,” said Shikany. “It makes it more fun for us.”

Shikany’s food is truly the art of food. Every plate is not only hand-cooked but also hand-crafted mini works of art.

“All of us here want to make sure the food is just as beautiful as it tastes,” he said.

As Petrillo tasted the summer gazpacho soup made with watermelon, cantaloupe, red onion, strawberries, apples, gooseberries and so much more, she described it as “a blast of flavors with sweetness. There’s also a little tang. It is so refreshing. It’s sort of a drink, soup and dessert all in one.”

Her next dish appeared to be a canvas of food which she called “art.”

It was Wagu smoked Gouda Croquettes with coffee dusted dark chocolate foie gras truffle spheres.

“You have to push the sauces in, it’s like a paint job here. You paint their food and then you eat the masterpiece,” said Petrillo.

Shikany is open five days a week from Tuesday through Saturday for dinner only. It’s located at 251 NW 25th Street in Miami.


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