MIAMI (CBSMiami) — A man arrested in connection to an explosion at a Miami gas station on Friday is out of jail

Onelio Castro, 46, bonded out jail on Saturday. Castro was arrested on charges of grand theft,  petit theft, criminal mischief and arson.

Authorities said he was part of an illegal operation to steal gas when the van exploded at the station on  Flagler Street and 71st Avenue.

“It appears it’s a minivan that has a pump operation inside it for siphoning gas out from what we can make out right now. It looks like about 150 gallon tank inside this minivan,” said Lt. Ignatius Carroll of Miami Fire on Friday.

Cell phone video captured the fierce flames and billowing smoke after the explosion in a minivan at the station.

The force of the blast peeled back the roof of the van and sent glass, the roof rack and windshield flying clear across the street.

The fire could be seen all over the neighborhood.

Firefighters used the emergency shut off to close down the gas pumps so the fire wouldn’t spread and put out the fire in about 15 minutes.



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