MIAMI (CBSMiami) —  A man and his stepson helped catch a man , deputies said, robbed a Lighhouse Point bank on Friday.

Jeff Emming and his stepson Dominic Posey were sitting in their car just outside of a Bank of America located at 2850 N Federal Highway when they say something suspicious.

“We see a gentleman running from the bank and he dropped something and I was watching him through my rearview mirror and he was real panicky so he picked it up and all of a sudden some dust came off of him like a red dust,” said Emming.

That dust, he realized moments later, was a red dye pack which is put with money in order to mark stolen bills.

Emming said it exploded which is when he realized something was wrong.

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” I look at the bank and see everyone waving at us and stuff….I told Dominic, ‘Hold on we’re gonna get this guy,'” said Emming.

The two chased him down the road where the man’s car was parked. They said the man jumped into his car but Emmet backed up his truck into the car to block him.

The man was able to get away but the two continued chasing him up to Deerfield Beach.

They said the man eventually got out of his car and ran so they did too.

“I went up to him. He made a motion like he had a gun but it was the money in his hand,” said Emming who then said held the guy down by sitting on him until deputies arrived.

“Gave him a little bit of the ‘don’t do this no more,” said Emming. “I told him to get a job man.  I said you shouldn’t be doing this.”

When asked if they were scared they said they had 911 on the phone throughout the chase.



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