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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — The star witness took the stand Wednesday in the case of man accused of killing his ex-wife.

Alan Gold was the man with Clifford Friend the night he allegedly threw his ex-wife Lynne Friend’s body overboard.

“On August 28, 1994 while you were on the same boat did you assist Mr. Friend in throwing a bag overboard?  asked Michael Von Zamft lead prosecutor to Gold and he said “I did.”

Gold said Clifford called him and asked him to go over his house. Gold said he was not feeling well but went anyways.

When he arrived to Friend’s house he saw a large equipment bag in the dinning room, said Gold.  He said Friend told him Lynne had gone over and was upset he was not letting her  take their 5-year old son to Tennessee.

“He basically said the next thing he knew it was over he knocked her down and chocked her,” said Gold.

Gold later said Friend asked him to help him dump Lynne’s car and he did. They arrived to an empty lot near Lynne’s home in North Miami Beach near county line road and Gold slashed one of her tires.

They then went back to Friend’s home, picked up the bag, drove to the boat at 5600 Collins Avenue. That’s where Gold lived.

Clifford loaded the body onto the boat and the took it out some 10 miles, according to Gold.

“He jumped back grabbed a hold of one side I grabbed the other and it went over the side”  said Gold.

Minutes later they were stopped by customs agents who witnessed the pair dumping an object into the water. They were questioned but let go after finding no contraband on the boat.

Gold said he saw Friend a few times after that until 1999 and that was the last time he saw his friend until now.

Gold signed an immunity agreement in May of 2013.  He was the only witness to take the stand on Wednesday.

Friend 56, is being tried before Judge Teresa Pooler, who has no choice but to sentence him to life without parole if he is convicted.

On Tuesday, Lynne Friend’s fiance Ed O’Dell took the stand and spoke about the last time he spoke to her the night she disappeared.

Lynne Friend’s body was never recovered.

Click HERE to watch Marybel Rodriguez’s report. 





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