One-On-One With Mike Tyson About His Next Big Venture

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Mike Tyson is known as a boxing champion, but these days, he’s also a reality TV star and developer of an animated TV series.

CBS4’s Kim Bokamper asked Tyson what it’s like to be a former Heavyweight Champion of the World.

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“That’s like a blur to me now, like a blur,” said Tyson.  “I’ve come to reality that I have to be mature in life. There’s other things I have to embark on, like taking care of children, college tuitions and being a husband.”

The series is called the Mike Tyson Mysteries and will air on the Cartoon Network.  A series, he was hesitant about, at first.

“I thought it was going to be ‘corny’ too, until I actually saw the animation, my voice – I did the real voice-over – I was surprised. I thought it was going to be ‘corny’, but once I saw the first-run and how it would go, I got even more enthusiastic.  I wanted to just make it better.”

Tyson is slugging his way into the entertainment field and has seen success on Broadway and internationally with his one-man show.

“It’s constant cheering and screaming, and they aren’t hearing a word I’m saying,” said Tyson.

Despite the new-found successes, Tyson says boxing is still in his heart and he hopes the U.S. can provide the next Heavyweight Champion of the World and give the game a boost that is has been looking for, for quite some time.

“Once you have the sensation of a heavyweight fighter, boxing is back on the front-page again.”

Out of the boxing world, Tyson is happy just being himself.

“Life’s a struggle, it would totally be fabricated if I told you it was all peaches and cream, life’s a struggle and that is what it is and at times, mine is more magnified than some people’s” added Tyson.



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