South Florida is filled with amazing scenery, incredible entertainment and exciting adventure. But if you’re looking to dig beneath the surface to uncover something truly extraordinary, a guided boat tour through the Florida Everglades may be for you. With remarkable and awe-inspiring sights, adrenalin-charged fun and a fantastic learning experience, there’s more to an Everglades boat tour than meets the eye. Here’s a taste for what you can expect to experience on an amazing boat tour at Everglades Holiday Park.

Unique Airboat Rides

Not familiar with an airboat? No problem. Imagine boarding a flat-bottomed boat that’s built to glide across a river of grass. It’s a thrilling experience, and unique in that every Everglades boat tour sees something completely different. With gators, fish, birds, snakes, turtles and a vast array of wildlife, there’s no telling what kinds of creatures you’ll encounter. And with gorgeous flora, tropical vegetation and picture-perfect scenery, an Everglades airboat tour is a delightful way to spend an afternoon appreciating one of Florida’s most pristine environments- the tropical wetland known by locals as the “Glades”.

Fun For the Whole Family

Sure, amusement parks are fun and kids love to ride the rollercoaster, but Everglades airboat rides are fun for the whole family, not just the kids. With top speeds approaching 50 miles per hour, airboats zip across water offering a thrill unlike any other. For excitement, high energy and fast paced fun, a covered airboat is an experience you have to try. Plus, with covered seating, mom and dad don’t have to worry about sunburn, rain showers or safety. That’s the best of both worlds, a chance to keep thrill seekers happy and peace of mind that even the little ones are safe and sound.

The Perfect Learning Opportunity

Have you ever seen a wild alligator up close? Reptiles with pointy teeth and tropical snakes are only two of the amazing animals you’re sure to see on your Everglades airboat tour. An hour long tour is the perfect learning opportunity and the rare chance to experience in person amazing sights reserved only for television. But not to worry, because with complete protection, a covered airboat and skilled tour guide can take you on a journey that’s as fascinating as it is educational. Learn about the wildlife food chain in the Everglades and how the ecosystem survives. For parents, teachers, or kids looking to explore an amazing environment, the Everglades is jam-packed with wonder and mystery.

When the tour is over, if you haven’t had enough interaction with gators, you’re sure to enjoy the live show complements of Everglades Holiday Park and Animal Planet’s “Gator Boys”. Leave your fears behind and live vicariously through brave gator experts as they demonstrate the true beauty and brute strength of the American alligator. More than meets the eye, Everglades airboat tours may just be the family-friendly adventure you’re ready for.

Above content provided by Everglades Holiday Park.






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