MIAMI BEACH (CBSMiami) — A Pompano Beach firefighter is accused of firing a gun at a man in a drunken rage after a night of drinking and flirting last weekend.

The incident happened in the 1800 block of Violet Avenue in West Palm Beach.

According to an arrest report, Janeen McKenzie, 46, was drinking at a bar in Lake Worth when she asked Anthony Santos to drive her home.

Santos agreed and asked a friend to follow him so he could have a ride home, the documents stated.

When Santos realized he lived close to his friend, he said he decided to walk home, but first was invited into McKenzie’s home.

The report goes on to say McKenzie continued to drink and began flirting, kissing and touching Santos.

Santos also said McKenzie asked to be choked as a form of sexual pleasure.

At one point during the alleged foreplay, Santos said McKenzie tried to pour and drink more alcohol, but Santos stated he tried to stop her.

Santos said he wanted to leave and tried to do so after the choking comment because “things were getting weird”.

Santos said McKenzie’s attitude changed when he refused her alcohol and she asked him to look into a nightstand drawer where he found a semi-automatic pistol.

Santos said he shut the drawer and tried to leave, but heard McKenzie get the gun and move the gun’s slide.

Documents stated a bullet was stuck in the ejection port and Santos tried to get her to put the gun away.

McKenzie reportedly threatened to kill them both as Santos tried to talk her down.

Santos attempted to get away while he said McKenzie corrected the jammed bullet.

During his attempt to get away, Santos said McKenzie began flailing her arms and fired the gun a short distance from his face, burning him with the gun’s blast.

Santos said he was able to get outdoors.

McKenzie told Santos to go to the street and away from the house and as he walked away, McKenzie fired a second shot hitting pavement, the report stated. A projectile struck Santos’ neck. McKenzie allegedly fired the gun a third time hitting the pavement again.

A Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputy arrived to help Santos when a fourth shot was fired hitting the pavement a third time. More fragments struck Santos according to deputies.

McKenzie told authorities she didn’t remember much of the night, but claimed she was choked, scared and got a gun.  However, investigators stated there were no red marks on her neck and she smelled of alcohol.

McKenzie was charged with aggravated battery Thursday.

She was released on a $75,000 bond Friday afternoon.

Mckenzie was also booked last year for DUI. Palm Beach deputies said she crashed into a patrol car that was parked on the side of the road. That case is still pending.

Pompano Beach Fire said McKenzie has been a firefighter with them for 20 years. She is off for the holiday weekend but will meet with the fire chief on Tuesday, May 27th and he will make a decision on whether or not she’ll face any disciplinary action.



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