MIAMI (CBS4) – There will be lots of picture-taking this summer from vacations to family reunions and weddings, not to mention prom season. But do you know how to look your best when there’s a camera around?

As it turns out, there are some simple tricks to look great in photos, and some can even make you look thinner.

Becky Thurner is a photographer who’s taken pictures of models and shot magazine covers.

Deb Docherty is a model and talent agent, who used to be a model herself.

“There are a ton of tricks. Tons of tricks,” said Thurner.

Tip #1: Put Your Chin Out & Down

Docherty said people make a common mistake in photos.

“They throw their heads up and they pull back, which I don’t really want to do because that creates the 25 chins,” said Docherty.

Instead, Thurner said you should put your chin out slightly and lower it to give yourself a more defined jawline. She also says you’ll look thinner.

Tip #2: Shift Your Weight Away from the Camera

“Anything that’s farther from the camera is going to look smaller,” said Thurner.

So, she recommended people shift their weight to a leg that’s more in the back and away from the camera.

Tip #3: Turn Slightly

“You always want to be three-quarter,” said Docherty. “Show your longest line.”

“If you have a woman who is maybe a little bit bigger, turn. It’s like a classic model pose,” said Thurner. “You’ll turn slightly away from the camera about 45 degrees.”

Tip # 4: Squinching

New York photographer Peter Hurley is getting a lot of attention for an idea called squinching. He even has a You Tube video about it.

It’s essentially squinting slightly to add a little expression to your eyes, and Thurner said she’s been instructing subjects to do that for years.

“Creating a tiny bit of squint, from the bottoms up. Don’t do a half -blink or you’re just going to look drunk,” said Thurner.

However, Docherty has a word of caution.

“As you get older, you don’t want to squinch as much because then the wrinkles start to show,” said Docherty.

Tip #5: Avoid Midday Sun

Avoid taking a picture outside in the middle of the day because the sun is too harsh.

Early, early morning and late evening, like magic hour,  is when Docherty says the light is most flattering.

Tip #6: Tongue Behind Teeth

Docherty said you should put your tongue behind your teeth while smiling will tighten your jaw under your chin. While it may work for some people, it may not work for everyone.

Thurner said this isn’t a tip that she’s been able to use.

No. 7: Suck Your Gut Back, Not Up

Docherty said guys should suck their guts back towards to their backbones in a picture rather than trying to suck it up.


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