Ready to reinvent outdoor amusement with some crazy fun in the Florida sunshine? Fly across the Sawgrass River in a state-of-the-art airboat and encounter wildlife, endangered birds, turtles, and even tropical fish as you experience the sights and sounds of the state’s most exciting natural attraction. With fantastic weather, captivating gators and stories you’ll be excited to tell for years, Everglades airboat rides rock! Here’s a glimpse into what you can expect to experience on this one-of-a-kind fantastic journey.

Lock Eyes With Incredible Wildlife

Be entertained and enlightened as you journey deep into the unspoiled ecosystem known as the Florida Everglades. The largest subtropical wilderness in the United States, the Everglades is home to all kinds of amazing creatures – many that you can expect to see just a few feet in front of you. Imagine locking eyes with a 10-foot gator or witnessing one of 27 different kinds of tropical snakes quietly slithering toward its prey. All Everglades airboat rides are truly unique, and that’s what makes this experience so captivating. You’ll never have the same adventure twice!

Uncover the Secrets of the Everglades

Journey deep into the endless marshes and cattails on your guided Everglades airboat ride for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to uncover some of the area’s best kept secrets. Do you see that alligator hole? How about the manatee poking its head up out of the water next to the boat? With expert narration from a trained guide, you’ll hear stories and witness firsthand how endangered birds, ferocious reptiles and mammals co-exist in this awe-inspiring tropical ecosystem. This is a rare chance to experience Florida the way few people do – in the heart of the Everglades, from the comfort and safety of a covered airboat.

Adrenaline-Charged Live Gator Shows

Everglades airboat rides are unique, but each one ends with a heart-pumping live gator show hosted by Animal Planet’s own Gator Boys. These guys aren’t kidding when they demonstrate the pure intensity of Florida’s own ancestral dinosaur – the American alligator. With more than 3,000 pounds of jaw crushing power, Everglades Holiday Park’s gators are simply awe-inspiring. The death-defying exploits and thrilling tricks make this a camera-worthy event you don’t want to miss.

With tons of Florida sunshine, entertaining wildlife and more heart-stopping action than you can pack into one day, Everglades Holiday Park is where families come for a truly unique and memorable Everglades airboat adventure. Book your tickets here or call (954) 431-8111 to reserve your seats today.

Above content has been provided by Everglades Holiday Park.



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