MIAMI GARDENS (CBSMiami) – CBS4 News has learned a one-year-old Miami Gardens child who was rushed to the hospital Tuesday suffered a number of injuries including broken ribs.

The new developments emerged during a hearing about the temporary custody of the child.

During the hearing, it was made public that the child had at least two broken ribs. One of the injuries was a new injury, and one of the injuries was older.  The child also had stomach bruises.

What’s not clear is how this happened and who did it to the child.

The details surfaced in court as the new Miami Gardens Police Chief spoke out about the case to CBS4.

Nineteen-year-old Amarylis Cuesta’s one-year-old daughter was rushed to Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, Tuesday afternoon after a 911 call came from a Miami Gardens home.

A family member thought something was wrong with the girl and there was according to child protective investigator Alejandro Ripi.

“The initial doctor who treated the child found she had broken ribs, one new and one old, most likely from the last week or two.”

Ripi said the child showed signs of losing blood and another injury.

“And some bruising over the abdomen,” added Ripi.

The child’s mother said while her parents had helped her care for her daughter, she had spent much of her time at her ex-boyfriend’s home.

Cuesta told the judge: “My ex-boyfriend does have two nieces and they would always play rough with my daughter.”

Investigators said Cuesta’s daughter had another previous injury, a bruise to her eye.

Judge Cindy Lederman found probable cause for the state to temporarily shelter the child once she is released from the hospital.

“The custodians who I give this child to would have to agree that if the parental rights are terminated they would have to adopt this child because I don’t want this child bouncing around,” said Judge Cindy Lederman with the Juvenile Justice Center.

There was testimony that the baby’s father had been arrested in 2012 for battery on a pregnant woman other than Cuesta. The case did not go to trial.

Cuesta called him a neglectful father. “He’s never been there for birthdays or anything.”

Miami Gardens’ new police chief expressed concern about this case.

“Our sympathy goes out to the family. We know it’s a very concerning issue with them,” said Chief Stephen Johnson with Miami Gardens. “Whenever you hear about an infant, a toddler, a small child that gets injured, as police in this community, we have kids. It’s an issue we put our extreme efforts in to get to the bottom of this.”

Judge Lederman said she would allow Cuesta to have supervised visits with her daughter at the hospital.

An attorney for Cuesta said she did not know that her daughter had broken ribs.

There will be another hearing about the child’s custody May 21st.



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