MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Spring is finally here, but even if you still have the winter blues, there are certain things that you can do to feel a bit better.

The cure could be as simple as what you’re eating.

It’s time for a spring cleanse, and food is the key, especially if you want to look better, feel better, and even shed some pounds.

In fact, experts say six particular foods can make all the difference in your mood.

Nutritionist Robin Kaidan said you can’t beat a berry green smoothie first thing in the morning, especially to help you lose some of those pounds stored up over the winter months.

“It increases your metabolism. So you really want to get vegetables as many times a day as possible. So if you start the day with a smoothie, you got your vegetables, they’re in,” said Kaidan.

If a smoothie isn’t for you, start your morning by squeezing a lemon in hot water to purge toxins first thing.

The anti-winter fruit, pineapple, is loaded with vitamin C but that’s not all.

“It contains a compound called bromelain, and bromelain acts a digestive agent. So that can help with your detoxing and weight loss,” said Kaidan.

If winter bloat is your problem, turmeric is the way to go.

“When we’re feeling puffy, feeling like we have that excess layer from the winter, the turmeric helps flush our system,” Kaidan said.

Cabbage is another natural body cleanser.

“As cabbage digests, it pulls excess dietary fat and toxins with it. Sort of literally cleaning your insides out,” said Kaidan.

Most people know about the calming effects of green tea, but it can also help you shed pounds.

“It’s a great metabolism booster for spring,” said Kaidan.

Experts agree that beyond these six foods, just eating more fruits and vegetables is a great way to get your spring off to a good, healthy start.

“You’ll just feel better and lighter and the pounds will start coming off along with those extra clothing layers,” said Kaidan.

Nutritionists said don’t forget to drink plenty of water, and cut back on drinking alcohol.


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