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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Dominique Francis, 13, packs a real punch. He’s a boxer who is so talented he’s being called a young Floyd Mayweather.

His dedication to his sport and his training is just as inspiring as his talent.

“Boxing is just a sport that makes me feel like a man ‘cause it’s only me in the ring,” said Francis.

Being alone is nothing new for him because five days a week, after school, Dominique boards the Tri-Rail train in Miami Lakes for the 50-minute ride to Boca Raton to jump rope, work the speed bag, spar and finish off with a five mile run.

“What makes Dominique special to me is that he’s a kid that wants it so bad he would come so far from Miami to Boca on Tri-Rail on a daily basis,” said Anthony Hamm, Francis’ trainer. “I had to ask him to come twice a day he would come.”

“It’s my work and my ambition how hard I want it, a lot of people may have God-gifted talent,” said Francis. “I have God-gifted talent and plus I put in work.”

How good is the wispy kid from Miami Lakes? After struggling early in his three-year journey, Dominiqe has won 10-straight fights and is piling up the hardware winning tournament after tournament. So when did he know that he had the goods to be something special in the ring?

“Just now, just now, I actually started thinking that, I can be pretty big,” Francis replied. “When I started winning all these tournaments, when I started beating people that where ranked, been boxing way longer than me.”

At 13-years-old, Dominique seems wise beyond his years which is what some people believe is a result of parents that make sure that boxing takes its proper place in his life.

“My parents, they push me very hard in school if I don’t do good in school, I can’t box,” said Francis. “I can do anything. As long as I’m good in school I’m good in anything.”

He’s a fun-loving kid with an electric smile, but when he steps between the ropes that all changes.

“When I get inside the ring, it’s a whole different person because I know inside the ring a dangerous thing can happen to me,” said Francis. “If I keep smiling, my teeth can maybe fall out or anything. I just try to stay protected, keep my hands up and fight and come out with a victory.”





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