Humankind has always had a fascination with flight. Inventors looked to the skies at nature’s feathered creatures gathering information on how to accomplish human flight. Now that we have incredible inventions like airplanes and helicopters, a person can simply enjoy this majestic creature of nature. The wetland native community of the Florida Everglades provides the perfect opportunity to continue our enchantment with our favorite recognizable fowls and the staff at Everglades Holiday Park prides itself in bringing its guests up-close-and-personal to these beautiful animals.

Great Egret

Found exclusively in wetlands of North America, this great white bird is usually mistaken for the Great White Heron (who also lives in the Florida Everglades). These impressive creatures like to stand still in the shallow water and wait for fish, amphibians, or invertebrate to pass their way. Hunted to near extinction in the late nineteenth century because the fashion of adorning hats with their long feathers, these birds launched many of the bird protection laws we now see today.

Mangrove Cuckoo

This beautiful and tropical bird is quite fond of the swamps and thickets found in the Florida Everglades. Eating primarily insects like caterpillars and grasshoppers, this bird shelters itself primarily in the tree it’s named after, the Mangrove. While most birds show off their calls during mating season, the mangrove cuckoo chooses to stay virtually silent.

Greater Flamingo

This shy bird is known for its signature stance: balancing on one leg. If you see a flamingo on one leg that means it’s sleeping. The trademark pinkish color of their plumage comes from snacking on a certain type of algae that they love to eat. Flamingos usually stay with their flock to avoid their primary predators: crocodiles and wild dogs.

Bald Eagle

As the national symbol for freedom in the United States, the Bald Eagle is quite a majestic bird. Soaring up to 10,000 feet above ground, the Bald Eagle surveys its surroundings, looking for the perfect prey. Usually sticking to a diet of fish, this massive bird is known to pig out on food in one sitting then digest it for several days. This bird is also known for its large nesting habits; it builds one of the largest nests of all the bird species. Past conservation efforts have increased the visibility of this magnificent creature, producing one of the most successful species preservation examples.

Belted Kingfisher

With its distinguishable and comical features, the Belted Kingfisher is a tropical bird you’ll want to keep an eye out for. The stripes of blue and brown across their torso differentiate them from other birds. Building its nest in a burrow in the ground, this bird spends most of its time hunting for food. Interestingly enough, this bird likes to bash its food, mainly fish, against the perch before eating it. Although they seem top-heavy while they are resting on a branch, these feathered creatures fly quite gracefully.

If you enjoy bird-watching, snatch up your favorite pair of binoculars and head out to the Everglades Holiday Park to peek in on these magnificent creatures. With just a little patience, you’ll probably spot your favorite flying animals. Have fun and enjoy the thrill and excitement of seeing wild birds in their natural habitat.

Visit the Everglades Holiday Park website for all your bird watching needs.

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