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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – It was a day filled with combative testimony in the Michel Escoto trial, as the man accused of killing his new bride called his ex-girlfriend to the witness stand.

Yolanda Cerillo’s testimony was combative, even hostile at times. She previously testified for the prosecution that she and Escoto plotted to kill his wife, Wendy Trapaga.

Escoto called her former girlfriend as his first witness. He is representing himself and is accused of killing his wife to collect a $1 million insurance policy.

One fiery exchange between the two dealt with a bag of bloody clothes and shoes Cerrillo claims Escoto gave her after the murder.

“You have no idea what the shoes look like,” Escoto asked.

“Regular shoes,” responded Cerrillo.

“Like these,” continued Escoto.

“Could be,” said Cerrillo. “I don’t know. There are many styles.”

Escoto also tried to discredit Cerrillo’s testimony that she saw him looking desholved after he bathed in the ocean after the murder.

Escoto appeared frustrated in court, not only because of Cerrillo’s combativeness, but also because he was repeatedly interrupted by the prosecutor. The judge also asked him to rephrase his questions on several occasions.

Wednesday, Escoto will continue to call witnesses in his defense. If convicted, he faces a life sentence.

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